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Working from home – the Dovetail way

The widespread onset of Social Distancing, with it’s resultant pressure to work from home and stay away from mass transport, doesn’t feel especially new to us at Dovetail. All of us have worked with remote and cloud services, some of us before there even was a cloud. Today we use cloud-based email and mobile phones, often using WhatsApp (though Steve says he has a grudging respect for Discord, despite it being presented as a Gamer environment).

If you are in a position where you already have people working remotely from your office it may be simple for you to extend that access to the remainder of your people and teams: Though sometimes it’s not: to take one immediate example, you cannot do an Oliver Twist with Google, turning up at their door asking for ‘more’. Their resource allocation is a mysterious, shadowy process. The other big barrier is cantankerous old software which might not want to live in the Cloud, and which therefore needs custom local servers setting up and integration with the rest of your network.

So now may be the time to find help and sort out these problems.

We can help you, even just starting small by ensuring that you can get access to your accounting package when you’re out of the office.

Please contact us and we will talk to you and try and help you